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What is the way to success in love?


1-Win her heart

How to win a girl ‘s heart

The key to what you say to a girl when you want to win her heart is to qualify. Let’s face it: deep inside us, many of us feel we can’t do it. The only way to make someone think you’re great is to tell him that as well. However, do not do so through mass and unearned praise. On the contrary, the only way to qualify someone should be to tell them in any way possible in the best way possible and to be honest.

Why should I qualify?

Why do you qualify even in the first place? It will put you on your head and shoulders above other players, especially those “very good for school”. Many men fear if they tell a woman that they are interested in her, that she will not be interested in them. In fact, nothing is further from the truth. She wants to know you’re interested and she wants you to be really interested. But, like anything else, you have to do it the right way with romantic words, and I must be honest.

2-Show appreciation for your partner

Assessing your partner daily is a great way to protect your long-term relationship from problems: calming, infidelity, meltdowns, etc. There are no guarantees, of course: this is not the way life and love work. . But doing your best to be good with your loved ones until you become the only one that preoccupies your partner – and to make them feel good, at least once a day – is a very good way to promote long-term fidelity. Because, let’s face it, fidelity can use a little help these days. Let your partner know regularly what you like most about you – what you like, what makes you proud, what are your strengths and what are your weaknesses. Building a romantic relationship is not about initial engagement – it is about encouraging, patience, collaboration and supporting each other’s growth throughout your life. Help your partner realize his or her potential by building them constantly and always find you behind him to protect him.

3-Give gifts

Take advantages of opportunities to give material tokens of your love. Just the right book picked up at the bookstore, a special dessert, a piece of jewelry or clothing you noticed at the store – anything small or large that tells them you were thinking of them. Leave a love note for them, or send them an SMS at work to “I love you” – again, the little reminder that they’re always on your mind will help your partner feel better about themselves and secure in your relationship.

Toward the start of most connections, tokens of friendship — from adoration letters to iPod playlists to unconstrained ends of the week away — help bond a couple’s feeling of association. Be that as it may, those arbitrary demonstrations of fixation regularly wind down as a relationship develops. Notwithstanding finding the correct present for birthday events and occasions can begin to feel like an errand. 

In any case, a blessing giving attitude turns out to be much progressively significant as a relationship develops — and a portion of the absolute best shows can’t be wrapped. They’re the musings and motions that come straight from the heart and can change a decent association into a really extraordinary one. “One thing that hangs out in the examination is that the activities you perform are the most significant,” says Gay Hendricks, PhD, coauthor with his better half, Kathlyn, of Conscious Loving: The Journey to Co-Commitment. “A lifetime devotion to blessing giving will take your relationship to the following level.” 

Since it’s the season when presents are at the forefront of everybody’s thoughts, it’s the ideal chance to change your relationship from great to incredible — or from extraordinary to more noteworthy — by giving your accomplice these  blessings.

4-Keep your partner happy

– Communicate publicly

Research shows that communication is more important than levels of commitment or stress in predicting which couples will remain happy. Healthy couples do not avoid conflict, but they know how to maintain proper communication between them. Happy couples realize that the best conversations happen without distraction for phones, tablets and laptops.

– Don’t forget the little things

Please, you must not be reserved to the company or to work only. Literature is important – even with the person you’ve been with for 20 years. Extend the same respect to your wife as you would with a guest guest or with your friends. Say please and thank you and this is good, have a polite conversation with romantic words and why not offer your partner a drink or candy? A few ethics and minutes go a long way to maintaining a culture of mutual respect that promotes love between a couple.

– Exercise together

Studies show that couples who exercise together are not only healthier, but more comfortable with their marriage and more active. Psychology today cites several studies suggesting that physiological arousal symptoms mimic the effects of sexual arousal and romance. If you workout together, you will feel interesting, loving and happy!

-Go on vacation

I can travel and strengthens the relationship between couples and maintains it! Many happy and healthy couples take their own short vacations, or have regular trips with a social group. Being alone, meeting new friends, or enjoying adventures without your partner can be very empowering. In the end, you will return to your active and enthusiastic partner and more than ever in love.


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What is the way to success in love?

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