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7 Foods You Should Never Reheat in the Microwave


In the 1940s , they invented the microwave in surprising circumstances. It becomes one of the special tools in the kitchen because it aids people to cook and heat foods. Howbeit, there are some foods you mustn’t reheat in microwave.

1. Boiled eggs:

If you utilize the microwave to heat poached eggs, the vapor will accumulate from water molecules causing pressure builds up. As we know eggs consist of fluffy membrane and cortex, so it can’t bear the pressure, that’s why the microwave burst even if you take a little bite or on your plate.

2. Carrots:

Carrots is one of foods which we can heat in the microwave but the raw one is very dangerous for it, especially if you don’t wash carrots with duly and properly ways, moreover it has some remains dirt. Then the minerals of the soil can cause sparks in the microwave. That phenomenon named arcing, this last cause some harmful damage to your microwave if it daily happens.

3. Chili peppers:


The more spicy chili peppers consists of capsaicin, this last isba strong irritant, its painful is among the most common plant-related exposures presented to poison centers and that capsaicin when it faces to electromagnetic waves in microwave, the vapor started which lead to skin irritation and burning sensations.

4. Water:

Some folks heated water in the microwave, because it seems like an easy way, but they ignore the symptoms. There are scores of burn state come from heating water in microwave.
80% of states are children because of their thin skin. The electromagnetic waves cause the height of temperature which makes the water miss its moecules and that lead of instense boiling and even explosions.

5. Processed meat:

The processed meat is made up causes of hight amounts of salt, additives, chemicals and preservatives. If you add the radiation of microwave to your best treated meat, you will attach the damage to your heart because of increasing of cholesterol levels. In order of that you must heat deli meats on the grill on the stove-top.

6. Chicken:

Salmonella is a genius of rod-shaped (bacillus) Gram-negative bacteria of the family enterobacteriaceae. It comes as results of careless cooking of chicken with duly way. And that phenomenon is dangerous for microwave too, we can say it even for raw meat, for this, it’s cool if you cook chicken carefully on direct heat.

7. Tomatoes & tomato sauce:

Like poached eggs, they have the same results when you heat them in the microwave, tomatoes are more harmful, because it causes a noise burst when it passes a long time in the microwave. The liquid side of tomato sparks of pressure build-up and spurt liquid, with leaving some red spots in the cover of microwave.

I wrote to you that article, based on personal experience, for avoid the qualms of some people towards microwave.


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7 Foods You Should Never Reheat in the Microwave

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